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CLA task-related remuneration


A CLA is an agreement between representatives of the employer and employees. A CLA regulates the rights and obligations as well as the individual and collective relationships of employers and employees. Sectoral CLAs are concluded by the competent joint committee, in this case PC 304 or PC 329. The agreements in this CLA therefore only apply to this sector. Because artists often work irregularly or receive a total amount that they are allowed to spread over time, their unemployment benefit is determined on the basis of the gross amount they earned under task-related remuneration. With task-related remuneration, it is not the number of working hours that count, but the wages that are allocated for a particular job. This arrangement, which replaces the actual number of days worked, is called the cachet scheme. The important condition for enjoying this favourable cachet scheme is that the artist works via task-related remuneration. In order to remunerate employees with an artistic function via task-related remuneration, a number of criteria must be met, which are laid down in the task-related remuneration CLA.

The translation for joint committee 329 is in progress!