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Juist is Juist [what’s right is right] was created in a long process with many partners, under the coordination of oKo.  All oKo member organisations, a large number of supporting partner organisations and a wide range of freelance artists, art sector workers and experts contributed.

Juist is Juist took shape thanks to the substantive and systematic contributions of:

  • … the oKo members, in particular members of the working groups Artiest Centraal (Artist Central), Beeldende Kunsten (Visual Arts) and Ontwikkeling, Productie en Presentatie (Development, Production and Presentation);
  • … freelancers, flex workers and culture workers, including many artists, who shared their knowledge in focus groups;
  • … experts Ingrid Vranken, Lies Martens, Els Vanheusden and Hugo Van den Driessche;
  • … partner organisations Cultuurloket, Flanders Arts Institute, Sociare, VI.BE, Sociaal Fonds Podiumkunsten, ACOD Cultuur, ACV Puls, ACLVB, NICC, GALM, State of the Arts and cult!.

They are helping to promote Juist is Juist, as are our supporting partners de Acteursgilde, Mediarte, Flanders DC.

All these partners are making great efforts in the area of fair practice with their own projects and initiatives, and – just like Juist is Juist – are paving the way.

Credits banner pictures: Laura Van Severen, Kristof Vrancken, Clara Hermans, Olmo Peeters, Mirjam Devriendt, Koen Broos, Miles Fischler, Phile Deprez, Jonas Verbeke, Wannes Cré, Tom Callemin, WARP, Kurt Van der Elst, Paul McGee, Clara Hermans.

The answers to some frequently asked questions

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