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Checklist: Performing and presenting


Touring arts centres and cultural centres with a production or concert, at home or abroad, involves many aspects: rehearsals, technical consultation, transport, travel and accommodation, insurance, set-up and dismantling, fees, copyrights and arrangements concerning audience, to name just a few.

When a work or music concert goes on tour it is important to make clear arrangements with the venue, so that the best conditions can be created for the audience, the artists and the venue. It is important to draw up a written agreement that takes into account the specificity of the production, including the technical rider and its signing. In the case of misunderstandings or if a party does not respect the arrangements made, this agreement provides something to hold on to. Both the artist and the organisation can then refer to the agreement and point out to the other party his or her responsibility.

A good agreement results from good negotiations , in which both parties discuss expectations and wishes as equals, and do not shy away from details. This increases the likelihood of a good and long-term collaboration, and reduces the risk of unclear or unfair practices and dissatisfaction.

What needs to be taken into account when performing on tour? This checklist ensures nothing will be missed and allows you to check whether the most common points of negotiation are clear. You can also use model contracts which form a good basis. Always adapt a model contract to the situation: a contract reflects the actual negotiations.