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Manual and checklist insurance


Working together also means taking risks together; whether it concerns a non-profit with staff, or a group of independent artists setting up a project together. It’s nice to talk about what ideal collaboration looks like, but it’s also important to look at a number of risks and how you can prepare for these. With this checklist we examine the possible insurance policies and who is responsible for what: the employer, the employee or the self-employed person.

Some types of insurance are mandatory, others are recommended or supplementary in special cases. There are 3 important categories of insurance: people, property (buildings and equipment), vehicles. We briefly review the mandatory insurance for non-profits at the bottom of the checklist. Most policies differ from insurer to insurer. You therefore are advised to read your policy carefully and contact your insurance agent with any questions.

Source: Cultuurloket and Verzekeringen Keersmaekers