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Manual and diagrams hiring culture workers


There are various systems under which a person can work professionally and obtain his or her professional income, as a primary or secondary occupation, on an occasional, regular or permanent basis. Clients can therefore also choose from among the different ways to hire someone. This tool provides an overview of the possibilities. It consists of two main parts:

  • Manual: Hiring culture workers, about working as employee or self-employed.
  • Manual: Allowances without social protection. These schemes do not provide social protection, but rather were created to cater to or respond to certain practices, for example at the request of the (non-profit) sector. We discuss: payment of a flat-rate payment via the standard expense deduction scheme (KVR) – only to artists, payment of a volunteer allowance, occasional sociocultural work – “25-day rule“, fee note for occasional artistic work, copyrights and related rights and other payments.

We offer diagrams for both manuals that give you a quick overview of the most important aspects (socially, fiscally etc.) of a specific way of working.

Important! Due to the changes to the artist status, a number of these instruments will no longer exist or will exist in a modified form in the future. For example, the standard expense deduction scheme for artists and other professionals (KVR) will be replaced by an art worker certificate. We will adapt this tool as soon as the new legislation comes into force.