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CLA Internships


The Internships CLA (signed in December 2020) stipulates the circumstances and conditions for organising an internship in an organisation for students from higher or adult education. Such an internship can never be a substitute for or replace regular employment. The organisation of the work should not depend on the presence or absence of interns.

These are the main elements in the CLA:

  • The intern receives no salary (since it is not a situation of regular employment);
  • The educational institution insures the intern against work-related accidents;
  • The internship provider reimburses transportation and other expenses just like it does for its employees;
  • The internship provider is responsible for appointing an intern mentor. This person monitors the content and quality of the internship and makes time for supervision, consultation and feedback;
  • The internship provider provides an internship agreement. This is an agreement between the organisation and the educational institution. The agreement must include a description of the internship, a substantive plan and an overview of the competences to be developed;
  • The internship provider prepares a report at the end of the internship;
  • The internship provider insures the intern for third-party liability and provides the educational institution with a risk analysis of the workplace.