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Sometimes a little bit goes a long way. These 4 clear principles give you everything you need to collaborate correctly in the arts sector. Need something more specific? Click through to the model contracts!


We share a collective social responsibility when it comes to the valuation of work and quality collaborations, whether in a one-off experimental context or in the framework of long-term employment at an established institution. We are aware of the potential impact of our actions on the position of others. We strive for correct remuneration and a safe working environment for all in the sector. We also pay attention to diversity and the growing group of freelancers.


We make sure we know what we are talking about and come to the negotiating table well informed. Thus all parties start the conversation on equal footing. Throughout the process of each type of collaboration, we are transparent to one another about our expectations and the appreciation of everyone’s input.


We support each other in building professional and sustainable careers and collaborations. In order to build up knowledge and experience. This is only possible if collaborations take place within the applicable frameworks and under correct conditions.


Collaborations arise in shared responsibility and based on mutual trust. That is why it’s important that both parties get to know each other and appreciate each other’s intent, risk and commitment at all levels.