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CLA Performing Arts – Music (PC 304)


A CLA is an agreement between representatives of the employer and employees. A CLA regulates the rights and obligations as well as the individual and collective relationships of employers and employees. Sectoral CLAs such as the performing arts-music CLA, which you can consult here, are concluded by the competent joint committee, in this case Joint Committee 304. The arrangements made in this CLA therefore only apply to this sector. The CLA for Performing Arts-Music regulates the employment conditions and wages for employees of organisations that cumulatively meet the following conditions:

  • They fall under the joint committee for the entertainment industry (Joint Committee 304):
  • The registered office is located in the Flemish Region or in the Brussels-Capital Region:
  • The employer is listed in the Dutch linguistic register with the National Social Security Office.

The current Arts Decree imposes compliance with the sectoral CLAs as a condition for being eligible for subsidies. The CLA contains an extensive job classification with a detailed description of all jobs in the sector. All positions are also translated into salary groups.


Different wage scales are applied for music and the performing arts. A distinction is made between monthly remuneration and service fees (for music) and between contracts shorter than 4 months and contracts longer than 4 months (for the performing arts). The wage scales that you can download here are applicable from February 2022. When the threshold index is adjusted, wages also change.

Limit amount

Wage scales always represent minimum amounts. The CLA for Performing Arts-Music does stipulate that an organisation that receives a subsidy less than the limit of 310,998.31 euros may apply salary scale C for employees who fall under salary group A, and salary scale D for all other employees.


Wages and allowances must regularly be adjusted to the consumer price index. Wages increase by 2% from the first day of the second month following the month in which the threshold index was exceeded. This last happened in October 2022, so that new amounts apply from December 2022. The amounts have been adjusted in the wage scales that you can find here.