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Manual and checklist: Organisation as recipient for grants and project subsidies of individual artists and small non-profits


Artists and non-profits can choose to bring their grants and projects (administratively) under an organisation, for example an alternative management agency or a workplace. The organisation then manages the resources for the project or research, and also receives any subsidies or co-production amounts. In such a case, the organisation is called a grant recipient.

The complexity in these cases is the fact that the organisation is the contractor vis-à-vis the artist or non-profit, and the artist commissions it to manage the project or research. At the same time, it fulfils an important role and in some cases it in turn becomes the client or employer of the artist.

In this complex situation of close cooperation, good agreements make good friends! The government itself does not provide clear guidelines for these situations. This manual provides organisations and artists with the information they need to get started quickly.

Source text: Patrick Sterckx