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Manual “artist status”


The artist’s job profile is a ‘multi-job holding’ profile (due to the multitude and diversity of clients, uncertain and irregular income of various kinds, diverse contracts). This makes it difficult to build up adequate social protection. Neither the general system for employees nor that for the self-employed provides what is needed.

In addition, artist status was possible until 2022. But the former artist status is being reformed. From now on we speak of an art sector work allowance. This concerns the benefit rules for art sector workers in the unemployment regulations. The rules are applicable throughout Belgium from 1 October 2022.

Are you working in Belgium in an artistic, technical-artistic or supporting artistic position? Then you may be eligible for the art sector work allowance.

For more information about the new rules, please visit Cultuurloket. Cultuurloket has also created a step-by-step plan for those applying for an art sector work allowance for the first time.

Source: Cultuurloket